4 comments on “Share Your Doll Clothes Creations

  1. Cherrylmaree on Jan 22, 2012 12:41 am | Reply

    Lots of busy people, glad you like my efforts. My little girls are 5 and 8 and have big plans for my next projects…this is going to be a busy year.Ha! Thank you for such lovely inspiration. Best wishes.

  2. Ann Mellor on Jun 5, 2012 11:05 am | Reply

    Hi Rosie,

    For new pattern suggestions, would you consider a pattern for a skirt, and also a dress with sleeves and a collar? Every pattern I find has so many steps to it, and I know that you could create a much easier way to do these things. Is interfacing necessary to make a dress like this?

    I also have a cute pattern for baby doll summer pajamas which is sleeveless with a round neck. This pattern has interfacing for the neck and sleeve openings. I guess I just want all my patterns to be “Rosie” patterns…:))

    Thank you for you new DVD course, and for the 40% discount. What a great value.

    Happy sewing.

    • Thanks for the suggestions Ann and I’m glad you have taken advantage of the special DVD introductory offer for my existing members.

      Happy sewing, Rosie

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