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Doll Sizing

To ensure the highest quality, Rosie specializes in doll clothes patterns for 18 inch doll such as the American Girl dolls and 18 1/2 inch Cabbage Patch dolls.

18 Inch American Girl Doll Clothes Patterns Sizing

Does your doll match one of our standard sizes?

If your doll isn’t one of our standard sizes, please check your doll size before shopping for my doll clothes patterns – I wouldn’t want you to make clothes up for your dolly that don’t fit.  The image to the right shows you how to take these measurements for your doll.  You can then check these against our standard doll sizes below. Measure the arm from the top of the arm joint to the wrist, the leg measurement is from the top of the leg joint to the ankle and the inseam is from the crotch to the bottom of the foot.  An easy way to measure around the neck is to use a piece of string, wrap it around the neck, mark where it meets and then place the string along the ruler.  This method can be used for all measurements if you do not have a tape measure.

Variance in doll shapes and sizes

Within the 18 inch doll category there are many brands of dolls that are sufficiently similar to the American Girl doll that they can wear the clothes made from my doll clothes patterns.  Stuffed cloth bodies may vary from doll to doll within the same brand as they are stitched and stuffed individually by hand.  This will mean that outfits made from my doll clothes patterns may be a little looser or tighter on your doll.  The measurements I have listed below are based on the size of my dolls and the doll clothes patterns have been designed around these sizes with some flexibility in mind.  The best way to ensure a perfect fit for your doll when making up a doll clothes pattern for the first time, is to make it with spare fabric or muslin.  This way you can see how well the outfit will fit your doll and make any adjustments before making up the doll clothes pattern in good fabric.

A Great Tip for Resizing Your Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns

Are you are having difficulty finding doll clothes patterns to suit your doll?  I have a great tip that may help you to adjust my patterns, or patterns that you already have, so that they will fit your doll.  To find out more click on this link A great tip for resizing your doll clothes sewing patterns.

American Girl 18 inch (45 cm)

Body: Vinyl and Cloth

Length: 18 inches (45 cm)

Torso: 7 inches (17.5cm)

Neck: 6 inches (15 cm)

Waist: 10 1/2 inches (26.5 cm)

Inseam: 6 inches (15 cm)

Leg: 7 1/2 inches (19 cm)

Arm: 5 1/2 inches (14 cm)

Head: 12 1/4 inches (31 cm)

18 Inch American Girl Doll Clothes Patterns

Patterns fit: American Girl Doll, Gotz Doll, Maplelea Girl Doll, Sophia’s Heritage, Harmony Club Doll, Our Generation, Journey Girl, Australian Girl Doll and other dolls of similar size.

Cabbage Patch Kids 18 1/2 inch (47 cm)

Body: Soft

Length: 18 1/2 inches (47 cm)

Torso: 7 inches (18 cm)

Neck: 8 inches (20.5 cm)

Waist: 12 1/4 inches (31 cm)

Inseam: 5 1/4 inches (13.5 cm)

Leg: 4 1/4 inches (11 cm)

Arm: 3 1/4 inches (8.5 cm)

Head: 15 inches (38 cm)

18.5 Inch Cabbage Patch Kids Doll Clothes Patterns

Many of my 18″ Doll Clothes Patterns and some of my 18 1/2″ Cabbage Patch Doll Clothes Patterns will fit the 17″ Baby Born doll without adjustment.  When you go to purchase a pattern, please check under the ‘This Pattern Fits’ heading to see if the 17″ Baby Born doll is included.

I have also written a blog that lists all these patterns as well as which patterns fit with just a few small adjustments.  You can read this blog here.

Baby Born 17 inch (43 cm)

Body: Hard

Length: 17 inches (43 cm)

Torso: 8 1/2 inches (21.5 cm)

Neck: 8 inches (20 cm)

Waist: 11 1/5 inches (29 cm)

Inseam: 4 1/2 inches (11 cm)

Leg: 7 3/4 inches (19 cm)

Arm: 5 3/4 inches (14 cm)

Head: 13.5 inches (33.5 cm)

Baby Born Doll