Rosie Answers Your Question About Velcro

I received an email from Judy the other day and she was wondering where I purchase my narrow Velcro strips I often mention in my doll clothes pattern videos.  She had been unable to find any in her local stores.

When I first stated sewing doll clothes I searched everywhere too for the narrow Velcro strips I had seen on commercially available doll clothes.  My search was fruitless as the narrowest I could find was ¾ inch (20mm) and so I went home and cut my inch wide (25mm) Velcro down the middle, and ‘hey presto’, I had exactly what I had been searching for!

If Judy and I have both gone searching high and low for these narrow Velcro strips, I figured other people must have done the same thing.   So I thought I should share this tip with you all so as to hopefully save some of you this same frustration.

About to cut velcro strip

1. Cutting the 1” (25mm) strip of Velcro in half lengthwise

2 strips of Velcro

2. ‘Hey Presto’ 2 narrow strips














You may also like to know about this website I came across recently called ‘Zipper that Doll’ .  It sells thin Velcro that is supposed to not get caught in your dolls hair.  It claims to have no bristles and is very soft and flexible which all combine to make the ideal Velcro for doll clothes.  It has the bumps on one side and the loops on the other so remember to order enough for both sides.  I have not tried it yet but believe it works well.  Perhaps if you have tried it you can let us know what you think.  They also sell tiny zips which are ideal when sewing doll clothes.

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By Rosie Saw

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    I have been using that velcro from “” for about 18 months and I really love it. It is nice and thin, not expensive, and like you do, I slice it down the middle so I can have a narrow strip of velcro to use on my doll clothes. That same web site also sells 4-6 inch zippers, both closed bottoms and separating ones. I also buy all my zippers from them. It is so much cheaper than buying the shortest zippers I can get at the sewing store and then having to cut them down to size.
    Anyway, I strongly recommend that particular velcro from this web site. It works so well for doll clothes.
    Peggy Stirling

  2. Gail

    I don’t use Velcro, I use snaps & buttons sewn on top of the snaps, and I also have use zippers from “Zipperthatdoll.”

  3. Helen

    Hi Rosie
    I don’t cut the velcro lengthways, I cut it width ways. Works a treat, too. However I find it looks very untidy on the side you see on the garment. I guess its only for a doll but still. I have used a button to cover but for my little granddaughter that could be dangerous.
    Keep up the good work, love your blogs.

  4. Linda

    I’ve used the heavy duty stick on velcro cut width not length to the size I need and then you don’t have any threads showing. It might get caught in the dolls hair though. I haven’t had any complaints.

  5. Sarah Jean

    I find my velcro at Michael’s in Canada. It is soft and flexible, and does not tear hair. I also cut it in half.

    I looked at Zipper that Doll and it looks as if there is a minimum order of $50. I don’t sew that much to order from them.

  6. Lori Mesnard

    I discovered “soft sew” velcro at Joannn’s for $4.99 yd ($2.50 with a coupon)-I cut it lengthwise- it is so easy to sew, very soft-especially for T-shirts. It also does not tangle the doll’s hair!

  7. Betty Ann Orman

    Have you ever used the selfstick velcro? Looks easy…. What do you think? Love to hear from you about this item. Thanks, Betty Ann

  8. Cara

    I used sticky backed Velcro on something for my husband and had to sew it.It took me months to get the sticky out of my sewing machine I used lighter fluid finally and got it all off and could sew again. DO NOT USE STICKY VELCO

  9. Lori W

    I am very new at doll clothes making, but I realise very quickly that I need Velcro to finish off my outfits. I tried cutting the Velcro in half lengthwise and then sewing it in. But after taking the T-shirt on and off a few times the Velcro cut end frayed and came apart from the stitching. It looks horrible and it’s an usable now. Have you experienced this problem? Do you melt the cut edge with a flame first?

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